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We have several surplus machines and generators mainly valve oscillators for sale.

Assorted Radyne, AEG and Stanelco Equipment.

Spares too, water cooled capacitors air cooled capacitors, valve heater transformers.

If you have any specific requirements please contact s a l e s @ i n d u c t i o n h e a t . c o . u k

Listing will follow shortly.


(Click on images for a larger picture.)

Ex Equipment Ceramic 15Kv DC 2500pF disc capacitors for sale 75 each + Post and Packing.
Ex Equipment 15 Kv DC 2000pF/ 3000pF ceramic capacitors.100 each + Post and Packing
New Ceramic Water Cooled Capacitor 14 Kv 2500pF 250 each + Post and Packing