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The induction process as a heat treatment process is one of the most consistent processes in use. The components are treated individually and are all given the same electronically controlled heat treatment cycle. The heat treatment result does not depend on the number of components in the load or what has previously been heat treated in as it does in the case of a carburizing heat treatment following a direct hardening cycle in a furnace.

Our commitment to quality permeates our company structure, top to bottom. At the top level, our Managing Director, oversees our Quality Management System and promotes the use of best practices companywide, our system is audited on a monthly basis by an external auditor. 

The quality function is also an integral part of our line organization. We deploy Operations Quality personnel who support operations by implementing our Quality Management System and performance improvement program across their cells.

Our office applies standard operating procedures, work instructions, and other best practices to achieve results that exceed our customer expectations, based around
ISO9001:2008 certification which is implemented on a factory wide networked MRP System.

Finally, every employee is responsible for not only their own quality performance, but for identifying ways in which we can improve our work processes to deliver more added value,  resulting in a market orientated cost down advantage.

Our quality control procedures are implemented by a comprehensively equipped metallurgical laboratory supervised by qualified metallurgical staff.

  1. Our metallurgical samples are prepared on an automatic cut-off machine to eliminate sample burn and erroneous results.
  2. Our Vickers and Rockwell Hardness testers are calibrated externally at 6 monthly intervals.
  3. Our Vickers Projection Microscope is used to verify the case quality and  to develop process procedures to produce the optimum quality of component.
  4. Crack Detection is facilitated by a fluorescent magnetic particle which is augmented by a high intensity Ultraviolet light viewing system.
  5. We manufacture inductors to our own designs for our own use. This facility allows us to develop processes rapidly  and to minimise downtime due to inductor failure. Large volume repeat order processes have spare inductors available as a further aid to minimising down time and waste.